Community Rules


**Each owner is responsible to provide Qrcodes to All entering the community. (Property Managers, Renters, Guests, family and friends etc). It is their responsibility as a homeowner to register whoever they are allowing on their property.

**ALL unregistered guests will be turned away and NOT be allowed in the community. Please make sure upon your arrival the homeowner has issued you a Qrcode to avoid any inconvenience to you as a visitor.

  • All vehicles parked within Aviana premises must visibly display the Aviana HOA-issued parking permit.
  • All residences/villas are limited to 3 vehicles.  If your party has more than three (3) vehicles, you are required to park extra vehicles on the clubhouse parking lot.  Vehicles that do not comply with this rule will be towed by the community’s authorized towing company.
  • Parking on the grass or across the sidewalks is strictly prohibited.  Vehicles that do not comply with this rule will be towed by the community’s authorized towing company.
  • Parking is NOT allowed between Cabello and Miro Drive entrance roads.  
  • Parking is limited to one side of the road on all community streets.  Please follow the NO PARKING signs.
  • All vehicles must have current license plate and registration. 
  • No vehicle repairs are allowed inside Aviana premises.  No vehicles on blocks or jacks, or under repair are allowed on driveways and common areas.
  • Community Association is not responsible for any damage or loss of any vehicle or personal property within the community premises.
  • Parking of trailers, boats, or recreational vehicles is NOT allowed inside the residential areas of Aviana.


  1. Only county-provided trash and recycling bins may be used.
  2. The designated pick-up day for recyclables is Monday, while trash pick-up is Tuesday.  If Monday is a holiday, both services are expected a day later.
  3. The HOA currently provides valet service for trash and recycling bins to the curb which is usually done the day before the respective pick up days.   The bins will be valeted back to the side of the villa after trash or recyclable has been picked up.
  4. The community strictly prohibits loose trash or trash bags strewn on the curb or anywhere around the property. 
  5. Items that do not fit in the trash or recycling bin should NOT be left on the curb.  You may utilize the dumpster located at the clubhouse parking lot for household trash and recyclable overflow.  The use of said dumpster is strictly for Aviana residents and guests only.  
  6. Non-compliance with the rules above will be subject to fines.


  1. All STOP signs must be observed at all times. 
  2. Maximum driving speed is 15 mph inside Aviana premises.
  3. Observe driving courtesy rules at all times.
  4. Some wild animals inhabit our ponds as we are located between a wildlife preserve and dedicated wetlands.  Please DO NOT approach any animals or attempt to feed them.


  1. From 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. is considered quiet time.  Avoid making noise that can be heard by other guests or neighbors.  Loud, disruptive, vulgar behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. All villas, porches, and yards must be kept tidy at all times.
  3. Garage doors should be kept closed except when used for entrance and exit.


  1. Each household is allowed a maximum of two (2) dogs. 
  2. Aggressive dogs are not allowed.
  3. All dogs must be kept on leash while in common areas. 
  4. Pet owners should always clean or pick up after their pet while in common areas.
  5. Keep your dogs/pets from your neighbors’ yards.


  •  Clubhouse hours are:
    • Monday through Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM
    • Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM
    • Use of the clubhouse facilities after these hours is considered trespassing
    • Use of the clubhouse facilities can be revoked under certain circumstances, including, but not limited to:
      • abuse of the facilities
      • non-payment of HOA quarterly dues by the villa owner
    • Homeowners can obtain a code for access to the exercise room. 
Clubhouse pool