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Aviana is a community tucked away from the usual frenzy of a tourist destination such as Orlando, with a unique blend of residents as well as visitors utilizing some of the homes that are made available to vacationers. Aviana is regarded as one of the choice accommodations by foreign and local guests alike, and is also building a sense of community for the growing number of homeowners who are moving into their homes. 

What They Say About Their Stay

Beautiful and quiet vacation houses, very clean and neat club house, very friendly staff, 24 hour gate guard. If you want a peaceful and quiet place, this is it.
Danilo R
Everything was clean and orderly. Very spacious and the pool (that everyone has in their backyard) is a plus!
Linny L
We rented a house for the week and absolutely love it. There is a security gate to get in and information shop by the gate. I would stay here again.
Kim W
Nice place I go there at lease 3 times a year love the club house .
John Doe


**Each owner is responsible to provide Qrcodes to All entering the community. (Property Managers, Renters, Guests, family and friends etc). It is their responsibility as a homeowner to register whoever they are allowing on their property.

**ALL unregistered guests will be turned away and NOT be allowed in the community. Please make sure upon your arrival the homeowner has issued you a Qrcode to avoid any inconvenience to you as a visitor.

* Parking: The immediate entrance streets of Miro and Cabello are designated NO parking on both sides. There is no parking of boats, trailers or recreational vehicles on any residential streets. There is no parking on any lawns or sidewalks. There are no parking signs on one side of the street on all blocks. VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE

*Quiet Hours: The quiet hours are from 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM.

*Driving in Aviana: The speed limit in all of Aviana is 15 m.p.h. and you are expected to stop at all stop signs.

*Wildlife: PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH OR ATTEMPT TO FEED ANY OF THE ANIMALS. This can lead to aggressive behavior by the animals when someone else comes along, leading to animal control having to euthanize the animal.

*Dog waste: Clean up after your pets. Violators will be fined $100 per occurrence.

*Trash and Recycling: Our landscapers will move the trash and recycling bins to the curb for collection and return them on their respective days. The scheduled pick up days, subject to change for holidays, etc… are Monday for recycling and Tuesday for regular trash. Trash bins are grey, recycling bins if provided are black and yellow.

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About Aviana

Aviana guarantees its guests the conveniences of home in its stylish, spacious and well-appointed villas within its gated premises.  Moreover, Aviana promises the bliss and quietude of a neighborhood isolated from the city hustle and bustle.  That said, everything is still amazingly within reach. 

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